Random College Thought #11

If C# ends up not working out, I can at least still be happy that we all have each other as awesome friends and family.

Not saying we aren’t working out though.

Random College Thought #11

Perhaps energy is not conserved in the context of social environments. Putting in energy to give other people energy allowed me to feel energy myself.

I like this bend in laws of thermodynamics.

Unless you count the biological factors between the energies put in through ATP molecules. With these added up, the summation of all the phosphorylations probably do add up to a grand total of 0 J. in the system. But then again, you can consider that the system only consists of people and that anything with a source of light can offer an external supply of energy and this is what causes the imbalance of energy transfer within the dynamic system. Cool stuff.

Random College Thought #10

Perhaps it’s time that I return to my tumblr days.

But this is a much more in progress thought that I’ll probably need to take a couple of days to progress. But what does it mean to be selfless? How is selflessness related to the feelings and thoughts of other people? Perhaps selflessness is like a mission, a mission with such an important and passionate goal that it completely removes oneself from being human. All other personal goals are relinquished, desires are rendered unimportant in the presence of the mission, and the person undergoes complete transformation of his/her emotions. I’m not sure, but the more that I think about it, the more that I feel that selflessness is so much more tightly knit with the concept of love. The way that one loves one another is based on not the desire to receive but to give. And that loving a friend or son or daughter or someone is to place their desires and the things that are important in their lives as your own. If that’s the case, this should be the goal that I should set for all of my friends. And I really do love my friends.

More thoughts to come.

Time is flying so fast.

I GUARANTEE you. In 5 years, at least one person in MV’s graduating class of 2013 will be married.

Too much blowing of the minds.

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Counted Lost - Friendly Savages


This is a really good article. If you have time to read it, please do.


Italian forest by CorradoOrio

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?


Italian forest by CorradoOrio

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

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Large Mind Dump

A lot of things that I’ve been meaning to post about but just never got around to doing it:

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