Time is flying so fast.

I GUARANTEE you. In 5 years, at least one person in MV’s graduating class of 2013 will be married.

Too much blowing of the minds.

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Counted Lost - Friendly Savages


This is a really good article. If you have time to read it, please do.


Italian forest by CorradoOrio

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?


Italian forest by CorradoOrio

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

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Large Mind Dump

A lot of things that I’ve been meaning to post about but just never got around to doing it:

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Anonymous Asked:
How hard is the workload at CMU? Also how do you feel about the winter there?

It really just depends on what your college/classes you take. The way that the units work in college, at least at CMU, is that the number of units = the amount of hours that you will probably invest in per week including classes/sections. However, the assigned units vs. the actual amount of hours you will put in will definitely vary. Some classes are easier than others, and some are harder. Again, it depends on your major/classes.

A heads up, if you are doing computer science or fine arts, you will definitely be busier than others, at least for the first year. I’ve heard that it doesn’t get as busy as the years go, but that could just be because you will have adapted and have learned enough at the school to be more proficient with your work. For example, there is a class called 15-112, which is an intro “honors” computer science class. That class is particularly more time-consuming because you theoretically go into the class with no prior comp sci knowledge. However, I think that class is amazing just because how much you learn from just a semester (you learn how to make tetris, snake, and other really cool things!). For fine arts, there will be times when deadlines will be difficult to deal with, so you might spend a couple of late nights in studio. Again, it really just depends! As for me, my workload isn’t bad because I’m a science major (notice how this is different than engineering). So the first year is mostly getting experience through all the 4 major sciences: math, chemistry, physics, and biology. If you are worried about workload at CMU, definitely come talk to me if you want. I might have a better understanding of the specifics if I know more about you!

As for winters, please please PLEASE do not let weather be a factor when choosing schools. Yes, it is very cold. Temperatures in the dead of winter (January-February) range from 20 degrees to -5 degrees. However, it’s not like you will be spending a majority of your college experience when it is so cold. It does snow, and this year, it has snowed quite a lot. The snow is BEAUTIFUL! It takes a bit of time getting used to the cold; you will definitely look sort of dumb the first couple of cold weeks because you probably won’t know how to dress properly. I used to just tack on layer after layer after layer, which was inconvenient because the classrooms are generally warm and cozy. So it’s really just: one warm sweater, a large coat (not that wind breaker stuff), perhaps a scarf or beanie or a pair of gloves, and preferably thick pants. Corduroys are definitely better than jeans. But other than that, the winter is great!

Sorry, I went one a bit of a run there… But I really want to make an effort to make the image of CMU as realistic as possible to those who are considering the school. I can definitely answer more questions if you want, and if you are thinking of coming to visit, please let me know!


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When shit gets personal

or if you want to practice techs..

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